Hale and Hearty in NYC

Lately my blog posts have not featured the most healthy menu options! I have been taking cheat day pretty seriously, and they’re so much more fun to blog about! But I promise to get back to the healthy side of things (but I won’t stop blogging about the cheats! ;) ).

Working in NYC for just over 4 months now, I actually haven’t tried that many different places. I’ve tried something new at Heartland Brewery, and discovered what I believe is my all time favorite bagel at Zucker’s. But for the most part, I like to keep it healthy (and economical) and bring my breakfast and lunch from home. Mason jar salads have been on the menu a lot lately, which you can read about here.

However, sometimes, especially on those rainy, dreary  days (which we have been having a lot of lately!) you just want something warm. Having exhausted my canned soup supply at work, I looked my fellow foodie coworkers for some guidance, and the clear answer was Hale and Hearty.

I’m a big soup fan so I pumped to try this place out. I opted for their Panera-esque You-Pick-Two style soup and salad combo. hale-and-hearty-soup-salad-combo

The salad  that is part of the combo is pretty generic: mixed greens or romaine, any dressing you’d like, carrots, cucumber, red onion and croutons. I skilled the croutons and went with balsamic. Simple, but super fresh and very tasty! Plus, I wanted the soup to shine in this meal, so I was A-okay with this.


Look at that salad bar! So many options and SO fresh!


Ah yes, the soup! This ain’t no boring 10 vegetable let me tell you! Although even after searching online I couldn’t figure out the full list of 10. And a couple aren’t really vegetables, but I’m gonna give them this one. (It’s that good). Let’s see: tomato, celery, squash, peas, potato, green beans, carrots, onions and a couple others. Maybe I just happened to not get the other ones in my soup. Either way, delicious! And healthy to boot.



 The whole meal was less than 7 points! The 7 grain bread was 3, the salad was 1 because of the dressing, and the soup was 3.

I went back again and not the lentil chili. Holy moly. Thats my new favorite, and I’ll definitely be getting it again! SO incredibly satisfying let still so incredibly healthy and low in points. Satisfies the chili craving and is truly guilt free – my favorite kind of find!

See? #eatsomethingnew isn’t always about trying rocky mountain oysters or other crazy super weird things! Just about trying something new to you to expand your horizons!

Do you go to Hale and Hearty? Your thoughts? Your favorite Soup?

What’s your favorite new-to-you you’ve tried lately?

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