Hotties at Teak on The Hudson

Last week I attended my first blogger meet up with some awesome fellow Hoboken bloggers! We met at Teak On the Hudson in Hoboken where I  - how appropriate – ate a few new things and introduced something new to the bartender!

Those girls aren’t the only hotties I’m referring to in my title up there. I’m also referring to my food and drink selections. I had a bit of a theme going: FIRE.

While we waited Teak on the hudson hoboken njfor everyone to arrive we started with a drink at their beautiful bar;  huge fish tank, beautiful bar top and lots of plants. I ordered a dirty martini, with a dash of Tabasco. The bartender was immediately intrigued, made a face as if to ask if I was being serious, so I shot a look back confirming that was, indeed, what I wanted. He made the drink and then asked me where I had been served this drink before, later claiming that I’ve ruined his social life because he plans on making himself many of these in the future. You’re welcome, Mr. Bartender.

My love for this spicy, dirty libation all started at 10th and Willow when I went for a friend’s birthday and ordered the Spicy Dirty Martini. I forgot about this drink until last month when I went to 3 forty Grill during Hudson Restaurant Week and ordered their Dirty Sexy Money Martini. I fell right back in love with this drink, and this time I fell hard. The following week we went to Courtstreet for Hudson Restaurant Week and I ordered a dirty martini and asked for Tabasco to add myself. That’s how my love affair with dirty, spicy martinis began.

So back to the blogger meet up at Teak… We sit down and start looking over the menu and of course I can’t decide. Do I go with their namesake, the Teak Roll like I normally would. I mean, if they’re putting their name on it they must think it’s pretty good, right? It seemed too plain (especially for the price) so I passed. Then, Like Alyssa and Jill, I was tempted by the Chilean Sea Bass. I wound up sticking to my spicy theme and going with two sushi rolls that were different than anything I’ve ever tried before: Tuna Cashew and Hot Popper. The first one is exactly what it sounds like – a  tuna roll with a cashew in it. The second was a tuna, yellowtail, avocado and, wait for it… jalapeno. I had a Jalapeno roll a week prior at The Illuzion and there wasn’t enough jalapeno and I was a little disappointed, so I was excited for this one!

Jalapenos aren’t that hot, falling somewhere near the middle but toward the more mild side of the heat continuum. I usually don’t have an issue. Well, this time was different. Very different. This time I was sweating. At the table. At a nice restaurant. With a group of people I had just met. And the waiter kept forgetting my water.

Finally I grabbed the bus boy and said, “I don’t know if you’re supposed to serve us, but please get me some water. My mouth is on FIRE”. This girl was on fire. (see what I did there? Thank you, Alicia)

He laughed and walked away, but he did send someone back over with some freezing cold ice water. Thank god. Crisis averted. No more sweating.

jalapeno sushi hoboken njSo I pushed my wasabi-laden soy sauce to the side and put some plain soy sauce on the remaining pieces of the rolls and was good to go. Big gulps of water in between, but I managed.

Regardless, the food was delicious. The rolls were fresh and well constructed. The cashew roll was different than I had anticipated because I thought the cashew itsself would be crushed up, but it was a whole cashew put right there in to the roll just like the other ingredients. The cashew taste was prominent but surprisingly complementary! A little plain, but I liked it overall.

The Hot Popper was very tasty, but the jalapenos were particularly strong and they are what lead to the fire situation. The taste, however, was very good. Again the fish was fresh and the roll was well constructed, plus I was a fan of the combination. A good roll, I just would not suggest pairing it with another spicy roll, adding any wasabi or drinking a spicy dirty martini with it! My bad. Lesson learned.

Hey, at least it wound up being a pretty good story.

Shout out to all the bloggers were there that night. And to Lynda of The Healthy Hoboken Girl for setting it up, finding me on Twitter and inviting me, and for bringing awesome organic and allergy free chocolate treats! Post on the chocolate coming soon!

Sprinkle Massacre, The Bloginista, Shore to Run, Hoboken Girl, Tiffany Pinero Style, Don’t Sit Home, Life a la Wife - Thanks for a great night!

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