I Got Schmeared at Zuckers!

It was a Friday morning and feeling a little under the weather, I was beyond thrilled to walk in to work and have my coworkers greet me with an offer to walk down the street to get bagels. I don’t know why, but bagels are a morning comfort food for me and feeling not-so-great, this was perfect timing.

We went down the street to Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish. I had never been here before (perfect!) but many of my coworkers have and I’ve been wanting to try it.

Let’s get right to my order – more on Zucker’s history later.
Zuckers Bagel Flatz

Whole wheat everything flatz with low fat scallion cream cheese, tomato, and cucumber.

Not too shabby on the health meter.. it’s still a bagel and it’s still cream cheese, but the less evil versions at least! (Only 6 WW points!!! Regular bagel with cream cheese has 12+!)

No exaggeration this is the best bagel I have ever had. I much prefer the flatz (thinner bagel with half the calories and carbs) because I get the bagel texture and taste, but the other ingredients have their time to shine, too.

The cucumbers were insanely fresh, crunchy and cool. Not too thinly sliced, they were a major addition to the sandwich and one I am so incredibly glad I opted in for. The tomato was also fresh and perfectly sliced and layered. The scallion cream cheese seems to be one of their big sellers so I knew I had to try it, even if it was the low fat variety. Delicious! Not too “onion-y” but definitely a noticeable scallion flavor. Went really well with the “everything” and complemented by the fresh cucumber and tomato.

The bagel flat its self was crisp on the outside and doughy on the inside – exactly how a bagel should be (later I found out that this is exactly how Zagat described their bagels, too! “Exactly as a bagel should be”).

Now I know why so many people in my office are loyal to Zucker’s! I will definitely be back for breakfast another time, but next I must  try their lunch! Anyone have any suggestions?!

The store is beautiful, modern and rustic, and also very clean. Their website is also beautiful, and they have some really great offerings!

Like the Getaway Bag! $100 for a re-useable tote filled with their best products. More info here: Zuckers Getaway Bag


Their slogan they display on their merchandise is “I Got Schmeared at Zucker’s”. Coincidentally I received the Schmear Badge, Level 2 from Foursquare when I checked in that morning!

I will 100% be back again. The question is whether I’ll be able to resist ordering the exact same thing again when I go to try their lunch!

Anyone have a favorite, unique bagel combination they love to order?

Are you a “healthy eater”? What are your thoughts on bagels? Do you ever give in?

Think I’m crazy for thinking this is the best bagel out there? What’s your favorite? Where should I go next time I give in?


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