My First Mason Jar Salad!

This is not something I have been known to say often, believe it or not, but this idea came to me from Pinterest!

Mason Jar Salads – or “Mason jar Meals” because it is not limited to salad! are packed and ready to take with you by layering the ingredients in a mason jar. Now, I know that Mason Jars are a bit of “trend” right now – in fact that’s what my drink was served to me in at Bill’s Burger and Bar – but there’s actual logic behind this. Stay with me.

First of all, they are glass and therefore reusable and sustainable. Secondly they are tall and skinny, at least compared to typical short-and-fat Tupperware containers. I don’t know about you, but when packing a salad to bring with me to work, I hate the idea of having separate containers, having to pack the bottle of dressing so things don’t get soggy, etc. This totally solves that problem!

Here’s how I layered my salad:mason-jar-salad

Starting from the bottom of the jar:

Dressing (fat free ranch w/ hot sauce) * Cucumbers * Carrots * Chicken (Cajun style!) *Spring Mix

The dressing and spring mix are the two I didn’t want to touch so I put them furthest from one another, and it totally worked! The jar was in my bag for my bus ride and my 20+ minute walk, and then in the fridge until lunch time and despite the schlepping, the dressing stayed completely separate from the spring mix.

I took the jar out of the fridge, shook it vigorously to start the mixing process, dumped it in to a bowl and voila!

Today was also Day 1 of Healthy Chick’s Happy Healthy Wellness Challenge! The challenge was to eat mindfully throughout the day. I totally forgot doing breakfast… fail. And during lunch… double fail! I used to study (and practice!) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, so I was excited for this inspiration and motivation to revisit and refocus. To my surprise, it went the complete opposite of the way I had anticipated! I am kind of shocked that I completely forgot! I was so excited to get started on this challenge, and even more so when the first challenge was about mindfulness (something that changed my life). Then I wasn’t so surprised because what was I doing while I was eating both breakfast and lunch? Working. Shocker. Now that it’s nice out I should really leave for work a little early and sit outside to eat breakfast, and leave, even for just 20 minutes, to enjoy my lunch. I might “lose” a little time doing that, but I think I’ll gain so much more coming back to work ready to go with more clarity. Not to mention happier!

I did manage to eat my carrots and hummus mindfully. Boy, do I miss this! I’m really going to try to do this during dinner. TV is going to tempt me, but I’m going to try!

Check out Healthy Chicks’ website – she’s awesome.

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