Fried Avocado Tacos at The Taco Truck, Hoboken

A couple Sundays ago it finally started to feel like spring. The sun was shining and it was up to over 50 degrees (finally!). We’re still technically new in town and haven’t had the opportunity to just stroll around aimlessly as much as we’d like so we seized the opportunity. I remembered that I had gotten an e-mail from The Taco Truck saying something about free tacos. I found the e-mail and learned that all we needed to do was download the LoyalBlocks app and “walk-in” to The Taco Truck and BOOM, 2 free tacos would be ours (each!).

the_taco_truck_hobokenScanning the menu trying to decide, I ended up going with the aguacate tostado. It was unlike any other taco I have ever seen (or at least realized) on a menu so naturally the #eatsomethingnew instinct kicked in and I knew this was what I was going to order. For once, I left the order alone, too! No substitutions or additions or anything. I wasn’t 100% sure on what some of the ingredients were going to be like and figured they’re the experts so I left it alone. I am so happy I did! These tacos were unbelievable.

The Taco Truck Aguacate Tostado Fried Avocado Taco

The chipotle salsa kicked some heat, the beans added some body and texture, and the fried avocado was delicious! It was still green, despite being fried, meaning that there was very little breading, which I was happy about. I wanted to taste the avocado! It wasn’t greasy at all, either. The pickled onions are an absolute must, even if you don’t like onions. Because they’re pickled they do not have that harsh onion taste, they were actually sweet and served as the perfect compliment to the other spicy and savory flavors, bringing it all together.

The white corn double tortilla shells were the perfect vehicle for this taco, holding it all together without masking or detracting from any of the other flavors.

If this taco sounds like it is something you would like (even if you don’t like onions) I highly suggest you try it!

The Taco Truck has locations in NY, NJ and MA and they kick ass. There’s no other way to put it. Their food tastes authentic, fresh and absolutely delicious. They are reasonably priced, committed to sustainability, and are a fun and funky place to grab a quick meal.

Side note: Their drinks are overpriced. What else is knew, I know. But I got a tiny glass bottle of diet coke and it was $2.30. I’d bring your own!

 I’m looking for places to try in Hoboken and Midtown NYC that are a little off of the beaten path or menu items that are completely out-of-this-world and unique! Let me know where and what to try next!

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