I Overdosed on Wheat Grass!

Today was day 3 of Healthy Chicks’ Happy Healthy Wellness Challenge and the challenge was to have a “new-to-me” leafy green as the star of one of my meals. I was excited because I have a bunch of kale (which I have eaten but have never cooked) – and a can of white beans I planned to cook together. But then I remembered that my meals for the day were all already prepped, cooked, and packed for the day; I wouldn’t get home until closer to 10pm and there’s no time for making a brand new meal that late! I could skip the gym, but this is a happy and healthy wellness challenge after all and the gym makes me happy, healthy and well, so I figured that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I was going to have to bend the rules a bit and get a lot a bit creative. Then I remembered that on my walk home the night before I passed a very a-typical food truck: one that makes organic juices! That’s what I’ll do – I’ll get a green juice chock full o’ some green they have that I don’t normally juice. I got most of the way to work and no truck (must have been too early) so I scoped out Jamba Juice.

I immediately smelt citrus as I walked in, very welcoming especially early in the morning. I looked over the menu and settled on the green smoothie… or so I thought. It contained whole pieces of fruit but the really green part was ambiguously termed “green veggie juice” – no thanks. God only knows what that’s made of!

Wheat Grass Overdose

So instead I opted for the unadulterated wheat grass shot with an orange wedge! I waited for an eternity so the gentleman behind the counter gave me a double shot free of charge. I didn’t even have to complain. Very good customer service despite the ambiguous ingredient list. So I got my beautiful wheat grass and orange wedge plate, took it to the ledge by the window to enjoy a little sun and the view of Bryant Park (and all the daffodils!) while I slugged this back.

The taste came in waves, and I had to take 2 sips (anyone who knows me know that it doesn’t matter what the contents are, I’m no good at taking shots!) Grass. Semi-sweet Goodness. Grass again. Repeat. Interesting. Leafy, kinda sweet, starchy and all around strange. But not bad, but I definitely needed the orange wedge. After that I wasn’t even reaching for water or anything else – little to no aftertaste!

Next stop: Starbucks to get another Passion tea – trying to hold on to yesterday’s challege and drink only water and herbal tea (I’m thinking the wheat grass doesn’t count as “drinking” something else. Hope I’m right! Rachel?). Anyway, I get my tea and notice their new all natural juices, snag the green one, the ingredients seem to check out, so I buy it. I figured I’d save it for my afternoon pick me up and add to my “new-t0-me leafy green” goal for the day.

About 20 minutes later I’m hit with an unbelievable wave of nausea. Concentrate, Brittany. You can do it. Do not throw up on your desk. I repeat, do not throw up on your desk. You just started working here a couple months ago. Don’t. Do. It.

I reached out to a few fellow #HappyHealthyWC-er’s and shared the horrifying news. They talked (and laughed) me through it and after about a half hour I felt better. And another hour went by and I felt just fine. I feel great now! That was scary, though.

Could you imagine if I threw up on my desk?! Or anywhere at work for that matter?! Ugh!

Naturally I googled it and found a few sources that all led me to the same conclusion: this is normal due to the fact that I don’t regularly (ever) drink wheat grass, and that second free shot may have done more harm than good. As a newbie I should have had less than 1 ounce, and I had 2. On an empty stomach. Followed by hot tea. No. Wonder.

Needless to say I didn’t drink my juice. It had wheat grass in it and I had already OD’d on that for the day and didn’t need another puke scare. I will though! And I’ll be sure to report back!

So will I have wheat grass again? Yes. From Jamba Juice? Sure! Will I have less and make sure I’m not running on empty? You betcha.

Again, at least I have a good story to tell!

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